Workout- April 3, 2017- Pulling Work!

We are going to use a new piece of “equipment” today. Some towels. We are going to use the towels to pull with and sit on.

Today’s workout is a couplet. Reverse partner sled drags and partner rows. I will explain each movement below.
Reverse Partner Sled Drags- one partner will sit on a towel, while the other use a second towel to pull their seated partner. The seated partner will hold one end of the towel, while the pulling partner holds the other end so that they can run backwards and pull the seated person.
Partner Rows- staying with the idea of one partner being seated on the towel and the other partner pulling, this exercise will focus on using the back to “row” the partners across a distance. The pulling partner will stretch the towel to its full length, then plant their feet. Their job is to pull their seated partner to where they are standing. Once the seated partner has been pulled to that location, the standing partner stretches out the towel and rows the seated partner to the. The goal is to work the back and biceps in this exercise.

So what is the workout?
Partners will complete 10 rounds (5 rounds each partner- partners alternate after each round)
Reverse Partner Sled Drags- length of the gymnasium
Partner Rows- length of the gymnasium

Remind students that their back should be remain in a neutral position and all muscles active the entire time. They should not let their back round.