Workouts of the Day!


Nutritious Meal Delivery

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I have been a client of this company for a few months now, and I have not been disappointed. Each week, I have three meals delivered and I have enjoyed every one of them.

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Workout: 11/04/17- 21-15-9!

Today’s workout is the first to use the classic CrossFit 21-15-9 rep scheme.

21-15-9 reps of:

Example: 21 Burpees, 21 Situps, 15 Burpees, 15 Situps…

This should be a fairly quick workout, but should really push the cardiovascular system.


Workout: 10/04/17- Tabata Squats!

Warmup thoroughly with 5 mins of skipping practice.

Tabatas consist of doing 8 rounds of an exercise where the athlete does the specific exercise for 20 seconds and then gets 10 seconds rest.

Tabata Squats- Total time 4 minutes. It will feel like a lot more though!

Athletes should try to get the same number (or better) each round. Athletes will record their lowest round rep count.