Workouts of the Day!


Workout- 30/03/17 – Shuttle Runs

Today’s workout will be running focused. Student athletes will complete as many shuttle runs as they can in the time permitted.

Shuttle Runs with 12 mins time cap.

Screen Shot 2017-03-30 at 8.47.24 AM

Focus is to keep moving as much as possible. Continual movement is more important than speed. Student athletes should try to avoid walking while pushing their ability.


Workout- 29/03/17- Let’s Burpee!

Today is going to consist of one movement- the Burpee!

Every Minute On the Minute for 8 minutes:
Complete 10 Burpees

Any extra time within the minute can be used as rest until the next minute starts.

Goal for the student athletes is 80 burpees (or as many as they can get in the 8 minute time cap).


Workout- 28/03/17- Walk the Plank!

Today’s workout is a fairly simple couplet of plank walks and air squats.
What are “plank walks”? Simply put, in a plank position walk using your hands and toes while maintaining a straight, flat body position. This will be more of a shuffle than a walk, since you will only be moving on your toes.

10 rounds of:
5 meter Plank Walks
10 Air Squats

Be very particular about maintaining proper plank positioning.


Energy Systems and Training

If someone wants to be the best all around athlete, and be the fittest possible, it is important to train the various energy systems the body uses. The body uses a combination of three different systems to work short durations but with lots of power, to long durations with low levels of power. Below is a chart that outlines these methods the body uses.

It is the goal of Tireless CrossFit that student athletes get to work regularly in the various ranges to give them the opportunity to be the fittest possible.